17 October, 2023

The Excitement is Building: Amigos’ 9th Outlet Coming Soon!

Hold onto your hats, food enthusiasts! The whispers are true, and the anticipation is palpable. Amigos is expanding, and we’re on the verge of introducing our 9th outlet!

Why All The Hype?

With every new outlet, Amigos pushes boundaries. Each location tells its own story, and the 9th will be no exception. Expect signature Amigos ambiance, with a sprinkle of new surprises. After all, innovation and quality have always been at our core.

Guy in a suit eating the Amigos Breakfast Burger.

Bringing Amigos Closer to You

Our mission remains consistent—delivering delightful fast food to every corner of Malta. This new addition brings us one step closer to ensuring that no matter where you are on the island, a heartwarming Amigos meal is just around the corner.

Join the Countdown

As the big day approaches, we’ll be dropping hints, sneak peeks, and special offers. So, make sure to follow us on our social media channels and stay tuned to our newly revamped website.

Get ready, Malta! Amigos is set to redefine fast food, yet again.